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Allayne Thomas blazing her own path

By Zoe Pharo 

Medicine runs in Allayne “Taurus” Thomas’ blood.  Her father and oldest sister are nurses, her mother is a speech pathologist, and her oldest sister is in medical school.

All three daughters in the Thomas family have similar names: Aprylle, 26; Arielle, 23; and finally Allayne, 17.  But the youngest Thomas plans to lead a strikingly different lifestyle, despite the commonality of the “double l’s”.

Allayne Thomas is closest to Arielle, a sister “obsessed with astrology” who has served as a role model throughout her life.  “One summer Arielle came home because she didn’t want to complete a summer program.”  Their family was also hosting guests at the same time, so Arielle spent the summer in Allayne Thomas’ room.  Now Arielle stays in her younger sister’s room “every time she comes home,” and they have “all these inside jokes.”

Thomas also admires how her sister is trailblazing through life.  “Arielle knew she was going to be a doctor when she was 10” and has not wavered from that path.

“The one thing I know about my career is that I do not want it to be medical,” Thomas said with conviction.  She feels fortunate to have gotten exposure to many medical fields through her family, and she knew early on that medicine was not for her.

Many of her other family members have pursued writing as well as medicine but have never committed to making this passion a career.  Thomas is determined to make the commitment and aspires to be a lawyer or journalist.

Just this year, Thomas led an Ideas Festival at her school, which she describes as being similar to a “Ted talk.”  The topic of the panel she ran was prison systems, specifically concerning juveniles and mentally ill individuals.  She got “150 free sandwiches from Jimmy Johns” from the festival, but more importantly she confirmed that she wants to keep having discussions about controversial topics.

Thomas also recently won her school’s talent show for her performance of a slam poetry piece.  She loves how “free” words are and how they both leave an impact and create an image that many people can connect to.  “I have written poetry from the time I was in elementary school,” she said.

Thomas knows that she wants a lot of variety in her life and hopes to make social justice tie into any career she pursues, whether in journalism or law.

“My ideal life would allow me to be talented in multiple spheres where I could continue my lifelong learning and focus on trying to get better every day,” she said.  Thomas knows that she may change her interests many times and has already changed focus a lot, even in just the past couple months.

As her nickname suggests, Thomas describes herself as “stubborn like a Taurus.”  Her family tells her that she would be a good lawyer because she “loves to argue,” which she blames on her star sign.  No matter what Thomas pursues, astrology and sheer determination will ensure that she will succeed in blazing her own path.