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Annie pirouettes her way into journalism

By Ebony Bryant

AnnieBooz_01_webAnnie Booz, 17, is an energetic and diligent dancer from Winston-Salem with a passion for dance and high hopes for a future in public relations.

Booz has applied her award winning dance experience to the rest of her life and hopes that it will help her in the future. “I’ve learned through high school that the things you really want you really have to work hard for them, and I’ve seen that result. Really working hard for the things I’ve wanted has paid off in the end.”

Booz’s statement seems to be ringing true. Hard work has earned her the position of editor for The Dorian Scroll, her school newspaper, and into the prestigious Chuck Stone Program for Diversity in Education and Media.

Now that she has a foothold in the journalism world, she wants to use her bubbly personality and passion for meeting people to help resolve conflict with public relations.

“There’s something about this whole field that I really love,” Booz stated. “I’ve been exposed to the journalism field and I think I’ve found my strengths in it… I think my love for talking and just meeting new people will help with that because it’s all about building relationships.”

Booz is well on her way to achieving her goals. “There is so much negativity in the world and just seeing a smile on someone’s face, honestly, can turn a bad day into a good one for me… I want to be able to do that for someone else.”