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by Ebony Bryant

It’s no secret that the recent police activity has sparked dissonance within our nation. Protests are being held nationwide. Five policemen were killed in Dallas, Texas on this past Saturday.

policeThe question on everyone’s minds is how do we prevent such tragedy from continuing to happen in our country. It is often a tragedy when someone is wrongly hurt and, in several past cases, killed for crimes that did not warrant such harsh punishment.

Many people believe that this is entirely the fault of the police. Some even claim that there is a war on police. This is inaccurate. There is a war on the system.

There have been attempts to change the system in such a way that is beneficial to all American citizens such as with the implementation of the police body cameras.

Even with these new steps to find ways to keep police accountable, there have been setbacks. Gov. Pat McCrory signed House Bill 972 on Monday, July11. The bill ensures that the videos taken from police-worn body cameras would not be public record.

While many people see this as a setback, proclaiming that it takes away the incentive for police to be less violent, it is not so easy as that. Part of why House Bill 972 was passed is to ensure that people’s privacy is respected.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison

In an article with ABC news, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said, “A lot of groups think we should show everything from start to finish and we just can’t do it… They think we’re trying to hide something and that’s not what it is. But if we go into a house for a domestic (assault) and if the wife who has been assaulted has been unclothed, we don’t want that on YouTube. We don’t want that.”

Looking at it from both ends of the spectrum, things can appear differently. There is obviously a systemic problem that needs to change. If any tangible change is going to happen, it needs to happen as a result of a change in our mindset on a national level.

We as a nation should hold law enforcers to a higher standard. Police should also hold themselves to a higher standard in terms of obedience and justice.

The video footage for police-worn cameras will help to ensure that police are being held accountable and that they are held to the standard that they should be.

Many people argue, in regards to the police, that if they did nothing wrong, then they have nothing to fear. However, this is the same argument that many police make when speaking about people they have to stop or apprehend.

Police should not be feared any more than any other person and should be held at the same, if not a higher, standard of behavior in regards to the law and responsibility to it.