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Ebony’s passion for words

By Annie Booz   

EbonyBryant_03_webEbony Bryant has a passion for words. Whether it is text from a book or lyrics from a song, words have shaped Bryant’s love for writing and music.

“Words have the power to influence entire generations, words can make you think, and you can change someone’s entire worldview with just words,” said Bryant.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Bryant has grown up in a family of athletes. Having tried out soccer and volleyball, she did not find her true extracurricular calling until music came into her life in sixth grade.

“During volleyball practice one day, I heard some friends practicing their violins in the hall. I convinced the teacher to help me learn how to play, and by the time I was in seventh grade, I was first chair,” she said.

Bryant continued her interest in the violin for the remainder of her middle school career, even when she moved to Timberlake, North Carolina, near Durham, in the eighth grade. However, once high school rolled around, a band option was not available, so Bryant continued to pursue the violin through private lessons.

In 2014, Bryant joined the Pit Orchestra for her school’s production of “Shrek the Musical,” something she notes as being the most exciting part of her high school career. While the 90 pages of sheet music to learn were a challenge for Bryant, she loved being able to perform with others.

“Being in the Pit Orchestra, I would hear my sounds, and I would hear other musicians’ sounds, and they’d mix together to create something larger than both of us could make by ourselves,” said Bryant. “I think being in the production was amazing. You felt like you were a part of a machine that really could not work without you.”

While music has played a major role in Bryant’s life and the activities she has chosen to participate in, writing has also been a force behind her passion for words.

Mainly writing for her own pleasure, Bryant has created many pieces, including some novels that have gained recognition. In both 2014 and 2015, she received a rating of “Superior” at the regional level of the ACSI Creative Writing Festival and in 2016 received a rating of “Excellent.” Bryant’s work that received ratings of “Superior” was also published.

“I write for me, and if other people like them (my words), they like them. And if they don’t, they don’t. But that’s not why I write,” said Bryant in response to whether the awards had changed her writing style or what she chose to write about.

Bryant hopes to pursue both music and writing while in college. She will be an incoming first-year student this fall at UNC-Chapel Hill.  While she is ecstatic to be wearing Carolina Blue for the next four years, she knew she would receive an excellent education wherever she chose to attend.

“Education is what you make of it,” said Bryant. “I think God is going to lead me wherever he leads me, and [I knew] that wherever I ended up, and wherever I end up, that is where I am supposed to be.”