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Charismatic aspirations

By Andrew Council

JohnAnderson_03_webJohn Anderson is an eclectic, aspiring entertainer who believes that people have the power to enact change in the world once they realize their potential.

Anderson, 17, is passionate about his acting career and he plans on pursuing theater later in his life. “I love acting because I am able to absorb a story and interpret it to present to an audience,” Anderson said. “ Acting thrusts me into brand new worlds.”

At a younger age, Anderson couldn’t figure out exactly where he fit in. As he began his high school career, the director of the drama department heard his astonishing voice and immediately scouted him out. As Anderson attended rehearsals and watched as each performer became someone else, it left him in awe.

As he researched more and more plays, especially pieces by August Wilson, he became inspired. During each performance, Anderson did his best at absorbing the character’s purpose, and to act it out in a way that was true to him.

His love of acting landed him his first lead role, in August Wilson’s “Seven Guitars.” Anderson had been trying to get a lead role in one of Southland College Prep’s productions for three years. Once he had realized that he secured the lead role, he was shocked. “I just showed up to the rehearsal and I had the lead role, and I did my thing” Anderson said.

Anderson’s theater experience has taught him many lessons. He believes that it is necessary to take risks and to always be true to yourself. Do not try to change yourself to fit any kind of stereotype, or else you will just be unsatisfied with the result, he said.

His passion for acting out other personas sparked his sense of humor even more than what it already was. He uses laughter to evoke emotion in his audience, while also keeping his serious topics significant.

Anderson said that the type of political humor that only a few politicians use today attract more people to politics, and what is happening around of them. It makes them aware of the current events taking place today.

“ I am actually a funny guy, and I am also interested in politics. I find that politics are really easy to poke fun of, but there is also a meaningful message behind them. It’s not just the kind of what people describe as “stereotypical, boring politics.” It’s something that everybody needs to know about.”

Anderson took his role in student council seriously. He watched others before him become figureheads, and how he wanted to change that. “I decided to run my junior year so I could switch some things around,” he said.

As student body president, he took initiative and completed many projects. He orchestrated many fundraising events for nonprofit organizations, and helped make his school’s environment more enjoyable for students.

Anderson is student body president at Southland College Prep in Chicago, Illinois. He is involved with the Interact Club and also the National Honor Society. He is very passionate about civil rights, and he strongly believes in the power of the people.