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Using insecurities as a strength

By Marin Wolf

TrevorStevenson_02_webWhile most would imagine the weather as a cut-and-dry segment in every news report, Hickory Ridge High School senior Trevor Stevenson, known as “Trevor Weather” on his school’s daily broadcast, wanted something different.

“Our broadcasting program has lacked originality and excitement.” said Stevenson. “I really just want to get the announcements to a higher level than they were at last year.”

As editor-in-chief of the show, Stevenson plans to create an environment where journalism is encouraged. To give his classmates more journalistic experiences, Stevenson is backing away from some of the techniques that the broadcast used in previous years, saying, “In the past we have only done creative videos.”

Recreating introductions from shows such as Kim Possible, That’s So Raven and Criminal Minds, the Charlotte, N.C.-native has been able to breathe new life into the school’s program by parodying shows that range from funny to serious.

Along with serving as editor-in-chief of the daily broadcast, Stevenson also acts as president of his school’s Beta and Mu Alpha Theta clubs, is a National Honor Society member, plays both club and varsity soccer, is student body vice president, and, in his spare time, mentors middle school students.

With his numerous accomplishments and tall stature, standing at just over 6 feet tall, Stevenson admits he often does not feel overly confident.

“Coming into broadcasting sophomore year, I was so shy and quiet and so reserved,” Stevenson said.

Why? “It’s mostly because of college.” said Stevenson. He went as far as to add that at times he feels insecure about what might lie ahead.

With the goal of attending a four-year university and studying journalism, Stevenson has had to work hard at making himself comfortable in situations that made him uneasy in the past.

“The type of people that need to be in (broadcasting) are not reserved at all,” said Stevenson while chuckling. “I remember making videos about drug addicts and just crazy things that kind of force you to break out of your shell.”

Activities other than his high school’s broadcast program aided Stevenson in establishing himself as a leader.

As vice president of the student body, Stevenson is responsible for planning events, running meetings, and being present at every Student Council function.

Homecoming is the largest event that Stevenson will oversee this year. Although he cannot disclose his theme idea for the homecoming skit, he said that he has big shoes to fill. Previous themes have included Alice in Wonderland and High School Musical.

Stevenson noted that one of his favorite pastimes is soccer. Playing since he was 3 years old, Stevenson has found that the sport has instilled confidence.

“I’ve really had to push myself harder to make sure I make the team,” said Stevenson. “Somehow my insecurities help me in that way, to make sure I know that I can be the best, or one of the bests, and that I deserve to be there.”

While Stevenson might worry about what the future might hold, he continues to rise to the top of every activity he takes part in.

So, do not be surprised if you see Trevor Weather when you turn on the TV in years to come. In fact, he might be running the show.